If you want to see some of my work you've come to the right place. Will add more projects soon!
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Max Burgers, illustration

Cover illustration of Curt Bergfors, the founder of Swedish burger chain MAX, for a magazine dedicated to his memory.

Svenska Fotbollsförbundet & Svenska Spel, illustrationer

Illustrations for the project "Alla Dagar" (All Days)

Waynes, art direction, graphic design and animation for Waynes collab with Årets Kock

Posters and digital images and animations for all Waynes locations in Sweden.

KUST, logo & graphic profile

Logo and graphic elements for home decore brand KUST, inspired by the Swedish westcoast.


Logos made for various clients.

Waynes, illustrations and graphic design

Waynes wanted me to create posters to highlight their dreams for the company and what makes their work fun. I made two posters connected to each other with simple illustrations.

Oumph!, graphic production

I helped Oumph! to fill the subway and the streets of Stockholm with some epic veggie eating. Taste it to get it! Awesome art direction by creative agency LOLA.

Coffee Lovers, brand design

Coffee Lovers founder Amilka and his team really loves coffee, and so do I. I had the pleasure to create branding including logo, business cards and packaging.

Bebis och Business, book design

Klara Härgestam wrote this great book about running your own business while having small children. I got to design the whole thing including a crazy colorful book cover with a hand lettered titel and author name, and a fun illustration. I also designed the entire book interior.

Wedding invitation, illustrations etc

I had the pleasure to design wedding invitations and a program for the wedding ceremony. An SF monogram and some ocean related illustrations tide everything together. 

Oumph! folder design/layout

Oumph! offers epic veggie eating for free range humans and I've helped them create som epic design and layout for a few years. Folders like this one but also ads, banners, roll-ups and an occasional pizza costume photo retouch.